The final quarter of the year is quickly approaching! When you start creating your budget for 2018 make sure to include some cushion for video marketing!

Whether you're a Business, Nonprofit, Marketer, or CEO, you can't afford to ignore the power of video any longer.

YouTube is no longer an infant. Facebook & other almost all other social media networks have incorporated video into their platforms. The market is flooded with video and if you're product or service is not represented by this massively growing trend, you're going to be left in your competitor's dust.

As you develop your budget for the coming year, considering allocating 30-35% of your marketing budget to video marketing. If that's too much, simply making an investment in video at all, is the right first step.

There are plenty of FREE and inexpensive ways to incorporate video into your marketing plans until you are able to prove it's validity for a larger cost.

Looking for someone to push you over the threshold? Or maybe you just need some facts to back up your claims to the higher ups? Here are a few reasons why your business or nonprofit cannot afford to miss out on video marketing in 2018.

‍‍‍September 14, 2017

Why you Need to Budget

for Video in 2018

Video is the latest and greatest selling trend

The reason why video sells so well right now, is the same reason why newspaper ads used to. As times change, new technologies and forms of communication are born and comsumers tend to buy with the trends.

No one wants to read 3 paragr‍‍‍aphs about how awesome your product is when they can watch a 30 second to a minute video of that product in action or a happy customer raving about why they love it so much.

In the 80s we used print advertising. In the 90s we used digital ads on websites. Today's trend is videos in combination with the internet.

‍‍‍Video is an effective ‍‍‍internal tool

Your first mistake is thinking that video is only an expense to your business or nonprofit. There are so many uses for video and many of those include cost and time saving advantages for internal company use.

A few of the ways that video can be used within your company are:

  • Recruitment Ads
  • New staff trainings
  • Employee education and empowerment
  • Company / department-wide content

Incorporate video into the entire sales funnel

Knowing how to utilize your videos once you have them completed is just as important as having them in your marketing arsenal. When used correctly and incorporated throughout the enitre sales funnel, videos can help to:

Create brand awareness

Generate new leads

Engage more website traffic

Finalize more sales

Video marketing takes many forms

No video is the same. While there may be a limited amount of video categories, there are endless ways to promote your company, product, or service.

Here are just a few types of videos that you can utilize this coming year:

  • Business promo
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product turorials & reviews
  • Q&A's with industry experts

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