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There is no set in stone rule when it comes to video length, however u‍‍‍nderstanding your audience and how you plan to utiilize each video will help you immensly when it comes to ensuring viewers comprehend your message and act on your call to action.

‍‍‍What is the right length for my video?

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Video length for different platforms

The great t‍‍‍hing about using video as a marketing tool is its versitility to be repurposed. Once you have your final video completed for your website, we reccomend breaking it down into shorter versions for social media‍‍‍

Website: 30s - 2mins

Facebook Ad: 30 seconds

Youtube Ad: 20 seconds

Twitter: 30 - 60 seconds

Instagram: 60 seconds

Shorter videos tend to be more engaging but it can be difficult to include everything you want in them, so its important to make sure you keep your content as consise as possible and place your more important information towards the begining.

Create a Video Strategy

Determining what length each of your videos should be is an important part of video marketing and keeping your audience engaged.

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Things to consider when budgeting for video

Common video lengths are:

30 ‍‍‍seconds

60 seconds

90 seconds

2 minutes