You finally have your video co‍‍‍mpleted and you've uploaded it to your youtube channel and website.

But dont stop there!

The best part about marketing with video is how versitle it is when it comes to repurposing content across most, if not all your communication channels.

You wouldnt belive how many different pieces of content you can create by repurposing and distributing parts of your video across your social media channels, website, and print marketing materials.‍‍‍

Edit Dow‍‍‍n Short Social Media Versions‍‍‍

Once you have your final video completed for your website, we reccomend breaking it down into shorter versions for social media.

Facebook Ad: 30 seconds           Youtube Ad: 20 seconds

Twitter: 30 - 60 seconds              Instagram: 60 seconds

You can choose to make one shorter version or multiple shorts each showcasing something different.

Transcribe into a Blog

Blogs can be daunting if you are not a seaoned writer or if you have trouble finding time to research your content, outlining your post, and actaully get the words typed out.

Luckily, since you already have your video completed, you can literally take the audio and information from it and transcribe it into one or a series of blog entries!

Create Infographic & Socia‍‍‍l Media Graphics

Infographics are one of the simplest pieces of marketing content to create. Partnered with the fact that they have the ability to go viral very quickly, you 100% want to pair your video with one of these!

You can also take some of the content and stats from your video and turn them into weekly social media content!

Use the Audio for a Podcast

Possibly even easier than turning your video into a blog is turning your video into a podcast. We can edit the video file down to into an .mp3 audio file and add bookends to intro and outro your segment.

‍‍‍4 Ways to Repurpose Your Video

April 27, 2017


Create a Marketing Plan for your Videos

Repurposing your video will ensure that you get the best ROI on your video purchase.           Not only will your audience engagment soar but your sales will too!

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